We are an ethical lifestyle brand creating jewelry with a rugged elegance, skillfully crafted abroad. We cultivate hope and opportunity through commerce.

How our products are made

Talented artisans from around the world handcraft all of our products. Each piece is a unique blend of local artistry and heritage mixed with the influence of modern design. Many of our pieces are made from upcycled materials.

Designing Good

Our relationship with our artisans goes beyond just design and creation of a great product. We also work to help them better organize and manage their businesses to be optimized for growth. These small companies are a vital part of lifting families out of poverty and we are committed to seeing them succeed.

We pay our artisans a fair price up front for their work. We also provide them interest free loans that can be paid back over time through purchase orders. This has meant new roofs on houses, new equipment for the workshop and other impactful investments that would have been out of reach.

How we got our name

Our name was inspired from the red dirt roads and footpaths of rural Uganda.

Our Artisans

We purposefully work with men and women who not only excel at their craft, but also value their employees and desire to make a difference in their community.

How We Started: Travis’ Story

As a college senior in 2004, Travis Gravette decided that he wanted to spend his Christmas break volunteering at an orphanage in Africa. He did a google search for orphanages in Africa and met a Ugandan woman named Faith Kunihira, who had started an organization called Bringing Hope to the Family. The month he spent working alongside Faith in her rural village of Kaihura, changed the course of his life. He graduated college and a year later founded Know Think Act in 2006 to empower local leaders who are working to end extreme poverty in their own communities.

Over the years of working with Faith and other local leaders, Travis began to meet many talented artisans. Through their hard work and creativity these master craftsmen and women were sustaining their own families and creating jobs for others.

Travis founded Red Earth in 2010 to help these artisans grow their businesses to be able to give more people the hope + opportunity of a job.

Travis is still involved in Know Think Act and uses a portion of the profits from Red Earth to continue to support the incredible work of Faith and local leaders like her.